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 Who we are  

Strength to Give is the donor-facing brand of the registered charity,
Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ABMDR).

ABMDR is Australia’s only source of stem cells and bone marrow from our incredible volunteer donors here in Australia, and from volunteer donors around the world.

For over 30 years we’ve given stem cell transplant patients a second chance at life. We operate independently from blood, organ and tissue donation organisations.

What we do

We give patients a second chance to live

Stem cell or bone marrow transplants are usually the last option for the medical treatment of patients with life-threatening blood cancers, bone marrow failures and severe immune disorders. Eligible Australians register with us to volunteer to donate their stem cells through this website.

We coordinate financial assistance

When Australian patients find matching donors overseas, we facilitate Australian government funding to cover the cost of testing these donors and collecting their cells.

We source stem cell donations for transplant patients

Donations are only made once a donor has been confirmed as the most suitable match for a patient. We search the globe to find the most suitable donor for every Australian patient, then facilitate the donation and delivery of the cells. We work with international donor registries and coordinate a complex network of Australian third-party donor recruiters, hospitals, labs and couriers to ensure the best outcomes for patients and donors.

We support research

We provide the scientific community access to data and donors (with consent) for ethically approved research.

we aCt and advise on patient needs

We sit at the hub of Australia’s donation-transplant system and have unique insight into its challenges and opportunities. We have advised governments for over three decades on patient priorities and issues, particularly Australia’s over-reliance on overseas donors caused by funding restrictions. We led the Australian sector’s crisis response to the pandemic.

In February 2023 Australia’s Health Minister acknowledged that jurisdictional red tape has meant that our registry has too few donors, leaving Australian patients in desperate need. While we wait for this red tape to be removed, we self-fund increased donor recruitment through the use of convenient home delivered cheek swabs, as done overseas.


Who we help

Australian and international patients who are in need of a stem cell transplant
and have not found a suitable donor among their relatives. Each year we help
around 1,000 Australian patients search for a volunteer donor, and around
400 Australian patients receive potentially life-saving cells.