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The donation process

Donation Process

Identified as a potential match

The process begins with a dedicated Donor Support Coordinator from ABMDR contacting a donor who has been identified as a potential match by the patient’s medical team.

The process begins when we search all donors on our registry to see which donors are a potential match for a patient. For each patient we might find hundreds of potential matches; or we might find only a few.

We then call the best-matched donors to let them know the exciting news, talk them through the next steps and make sure they’re comfortable to proceed.

After the call, donors are sent a detailed questionnaire about their health. They will also be asked to provide some blood samples, which the patient’s medical team will test to clinically verify the match and check for infectious diseases. This is to make sure any donation is safe for both the donor and the patient.

The patient’s medical team use these blood test results to select which donor, if any, is most suitable for their patient.

Watch our Verification Testing video to find out more.

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Find out more about the Patient/Donor timeline

Find out more about the Patient/Donor timeline