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Thank you, donor

Recipients of blood stem cell transplants are incredibly grateful to their donors. This is an anonymous message wall where recipients can write notes, letters, poems, lyrics, limericks and more, to express their gratitude for your generosity and commitment to donating.

Contact your recipient
Contact your recipient

Contacting your recipient

Depending where the recipient is from and if they want to, donors may anonymously contact their recipient by writing to them. All correspondence is checked to ensure the following are met:

  • There are no identifying details. If any potential identifiers are included, these details will be removed before forwarding on the correspondence
  • Gifts should be limited to cards rather than items of monetary value
  • Gifts of cash cannot be accepted under any circumstances
  • Correspondence should not include any assumptions about religious or political views

If you have donated and would like to write an anonymous card or letter to your recipient, you can send it to us via email or by mail to the address below:

PO Box K358
Haymarket NSW 1240

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Read our donor stories and news!