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Donor Q&A: Lachlan answers your questions

June 21, 2023

For Lachlan, donating his blood stem cells was a positive experience he often thinks about years later. When he received the call letting him know he was a potential match for someone with blood cancer, he didn’t hesitate to say yes. At the time of registering, he didn’t realise his decision would change someone’s life in such a profound way.

Lachlan reached out to us recently, excited to share his donation experience. He also kindly offered to answer any questions members of the registry like yourself might have, so scroll down to hear his responses.

Discover the Motivation: What Drives Lachlan to Save Lives?

Journey to Donation: What Preparations Are Required?

A Brave Act of Self-Administration: Lachlan’s Experience with G-CSF Injection

Inside the Donor’s Chair: How Long Does Donation Take?

Facing Realities: Lachlan’s Honest Account of Side Effects and Discomfort

Emotions Unveiled: Lachlan’s Journey Before, During, and After Donation

Setting the Record Straight: Lachlan Dispels a Big Myth about Blood Stem Cell Donation


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