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How can my friends and family join Strength to Give?

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September 29, 2023

It’s no secret. Australia’s stem cell registry is aging rapidly. We urgently need more young people to join the registry to keep up with the growing number of Australians living with blood cancer. Lucky for blood cancer patients, you can help!

Patients still need you to be willing to donate your stem cells and help us encourage more Australians, 18-35, to sign up and save a life.

If you’ve talked to your friends and family about us, or you’re planning to, and they want to join, there are two ways:

1.They can sign up very easily via the Strength to Give friends and family page and enter strengthinnumbers as their appeal code.

2.If they go onto the Strength to Give website directly, they need to click on the registration option ‘I have an appeal code’ and enter strengthinnumbers

Choosing the appeal code route lets us know an existing registry member is the reason they have joined 😊

Once on the registration page, your friend or family member needs to scroll down and click ‘begin your enrolment’. They will fill in their details on our online form. When they have submitted their details, they will receive a cheek swab in the post from us. They can swab their cheeks in the comfort of their own home and send them back to us in a pre-paid envelope – easy as.

As soon as we have their swabs, they will be sent to the lab and processed. We will get their tissue typing results, and then they will be fully searchable to patients looking for a match all around the world!

To make things easier, once you know a friend or family member is interested, you can share our social media post below or send them a link to the friends and family sign up page.

With more donors joining Australia’s stem cell registry, the more hope we can give blood cancer patients. Thank you for being ready to save a life.

Once you’ve shared with friends or family, feel free to watch our video inspiring young Aussies to join.


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