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Why is keeping my contact details up to date so important?

October 31, 2023

As a blood stem cell donor, you have the potential to save a life. But did you know that keeping your contact information up to date is just as important as the donation itself?

Here’s why: If you are a potential match for a blood cancer patient, time is critical.

Your mobile number and email address are vital contact methods for us. Our Donor Support Team will first try to contact you via your mobile, as it’s the quickest way to reach you. If we cannot get through, we will leave a message and email you. Without being able to speak with you, we cannot inform the patient’s medical team that a potential match has been found.

If we cannot reach you, this can lead to delays in treatment, which can be detrimental to the patient’s health. But it’s not just about the patient’s well-being. As a blood stem cell donor, you may also want to know if you are a potential match and have the opportunity to help another. Keeping your contact details up to date ensures that you can be reached and kept informed throughout the entire process.

We understand that life is busy, and updating your contact information with us may not be a top priority. Keeping our ‘update your details‘ page pinned to your favourites will make the task even quicker.

In addition, we want to acknowledge and thank all our wonderful blood stem cell donors for their selflessness and generosity. Your willingness to donate stem cells and provide hope for patients living with blood cancer is truly remarkable, and we cannot express our gratitude enough. We are here to support you, and we want you to know that your commitment to being on the registry is making a lasting and real difference here in Australia and worldwide.


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